After-School Sports Excitement!

Energizing Young Minds With Dynamic Soccer and Running Clubs

Teaching Life Skills Through After-School Sports

NSTW Sports Camp llc

After-School Soccer Clubs

The soccer club does a lot of 1v1 and 2v2 games and always ends with a scrimmage game. We play fun games such as the World Cup and the numbers game.

After-School Running Clubs

The running club is a game-based club, with games such as sharks and minnows, relay racing, zombie tag, etc. We make the club fun and challenging for all ages and fitness levels. We also practice speed and agility, which is another great fitness tool.

NSTW Sports Camp llc

Schedule at a Glance

Mountain Park 16-Feb 10-May 12 $220 Friday
New Prospect 16-Feb 10-May 12 $220 Friday
Roswell North 15-Feb 9-May 12 $220 Thursday
Northwood 15-Feb 9-May 12 $220 Thursday
Addison 25-Jan 25-Apr 12 $220 Thursday
Lewis 29-Feb 9-May 10 $160 Thursday
Manning Oaks 28-Feb 8-May 10 $160 Wednesday
Vickery Mill 28-Feb 8-May 10 $160 Wednesday
Crabapple Crossing 14-Feb 8-May 12 $220 Wednesday
Bells ferry 28-Feb 8-May 10 $160 Wednesday
Sweet apple 23-Jan 30-Apr 12 $220 Tuesday
State bridge 13-Feb 7-May 10 $160 Tuesday
Esther jackson 26-Feb 13-May 10 $160 Monday
Bham Falls 12-Feb 13-May 12 $220 Monday
Rocky mount 22-Jan 22-Apr 12 $220 Monday
Shallowford falls 22-Jan 29-Apr 12 $220 Monday
Medlock bridge 22-Jan 13-May 14 $255 Monday